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How to Read Sakshi Newspaper for Exam Preparation?

The Sakshi ePaper Newspaper plays a vital role in all Competitive Exams in India as all exam contains lots of marks in part of Current Affairs, English Vocabulary, etc. The habit of learning Newspaper also improve our writing skill but there are few systematic ways to learn newspaper. Here we have created a list to give the answer “How to Read Sakshi Newspaper?”. If you are making yourself to get Govt. Job, we strongly recommended you to maintain these steps while reading a newspaper not only in Sakshi Newspaper but also in other newspapers. Download Link Sakshi PDF is given below-

  • Read your syllabus at first and write down topics which you will get from Sakshi Newspaper. Automatically you will be focused on those topics while you are reading.
  • Masala News must be Skipped. This is a very important one. Masala news on different topics can easily attract our attention and waste our time. So please keep calm and take a decision whether is it needed for your exam preparation or not.
  • Remember: News which are related to Committees, Commissions, Bills, Acts, etc, are very important and have to give main focus on these topics.
  • EDITORIAL PAGE IS THE MAIN PART. Read the Editorial page and make a summary of that topic. This will help you to improve your writing skills. We will update the Editorial Page also differently to attract your attention more.

Sakshi Epaper Overview :

The below Box shows an overview of Sakshi Epaper

TYPE Daily newspaper
FORMAT Broadsheet
OWNER(S) Y.S Bharathi (wife of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy)
PUBLISHER Jagathi publications
FOUNDED March 2008
HEADQUARTERS Hyderabad, India
CIRCULATION 2,092,194 Daily(as of Jan – July 2017)

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October 2020

23 October AP   TS

22 October AP   TS

21 October AP   TS

20 October AP   TS

19 October AP   TS

18 October AP   TS

17 October AP   TS

16 October AP   TS

15 October AP   TS

14 October AP   TS

13 October AP   TS

12 October AP   TS

11 October AP   TS

10 October AP   TS

9 October AP   TS

8 October AP   TS

7 October AP   TS

6 October AP   TS

5 October AP   TS

4 October AP   TS

3 October  AP   TS

2 October  AP   TS

1 October AP   TS

September 2020

30 September  AP   TS

29 September  AP   TS

28 September  AP   TS

28 September  AP   TS

27 September  AP   TS

26 September  AP   TS

25 September  AP   TS

24 September  AP   TS

23 September  AP   TS

22 September  AP   TS

21 September  AP   TS

20 September  AP   TS

19 September  AP   TS

18 September  AP   TS

17 September  AP   TS

16 September  AP   TS

15 September  AP   TS

14 September  AP   TS

13 September  AP   TS

12 September  AP   TS

11 September  AP   TS

10 September  AP   TS

9 September  AP   TS

8 September  AP   TS

7 September  AP   TS

6 September  AP   TS

5 September  AP   TS

4 September  AP   TS

3 September  AP   TS

2 September  AP   TS

1 September  AP   TS

August 2020

31 August  AP   TS

30 August  AP   TS

29 August  AP   TS

28 August  AP   TS

27 August  AP   TS

26 August  AP   TS

25 August  AP   TS

24 August  AP   TS

23 August  AP   TS

22 August  AP   TS

21 August  AP   TS

20 August  AP   TS

19 August  AP   TS

18 August  AP   TS

17 August  AP   TS

15 August  AP   TS

14 August  AP   TS

13 August  AP   TS

12 August  AP   TS

11 August  AP   TS

10 August  AP   TS

9 August  AP   TS

8 August  AP   TS

7 August  AP   TS

6 August  AP   TS

5 August  AP   TS

4 August  AP   TS

3 August  AP   TS

2 August  AP   TS

1 August  AP   TS

July 2020

31 July  AP   TS

30 July  AP   TS

29 July  AP   TS

28 July  AP   TS

27 July  AP   TS

26 July  AP   TS

25 July  AP   TS

24 July  AP   TS

23 July  AP   TS

22 July  AP   TS

21 July  AP   TS

20 July  AP   TS

19 July  AP   TS

18 July  AP   TS

17 July  AP   TS

16 July  AP   TS

15 July  AP   TS

14 July  AP   TS

13 July  AP   TS

12 July  AP   TS

11 July  AP   TS

10 July  AP   TS

9 July  AP   TS

8 July  AP   TS

7 July  AP   TS

6 July  AP   TS

5 July  AP   TS

4 July  AP   TS

3 July  AP   TS

2 July  AP   TS

1 July  AP   TS


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